What Vintage Means to You – Part VI

60s-70s-500x312 What Vintage Means to You - Part VI

During the sixties, fashion became very fluid and varied, and broke many fashion trends. It was the era of the go-go boot, corduroy pants, paisley prints, mini-dresses and eventually styles we refer to today as “hippie”.

Large sunglasses, heavy eye makeup and pale lipsticks belong in this era. Large funky accessories were used, and hair was big. Think of wearing a minidress (pictured), or a long empire-waist gown to mimic the styles of this era. Put your bridesmaids in batik fabric or paisley or tie-dyed prints. Pass out daisies to your guests, and incorporate this flower into your arrangements. Skinny ties and fitted polyester suits could be worn by the groomsmen.

For a vintage inspired wedding from this era, use mismatched patterns and/or bright, psychedelic colors for your linens and napkins. Think about including patchouli incense sticks in your wedding favors. Hiring a classic rock and oldies band would set the perfect mood for your guests.

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  1. Great job Gabby, keep the blogs coming. With your fashion sense, I can find ideas for an old married woman like myself. You inspire me to look and feel my best and mostly myself.

  2. I love the idea for a the bride, the groomsmen in polyester, can we do that without the ruffle shirts? That is a fantastic theme. Love the Vintage Blog keep it coming. I’m not even a bride. You have great fashion sense all around.

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