What Vintage Means to You – Part I

1990s-vogue-weddingpart-1-500x319 What Vintage Means to You - Part I

Vintage is such a great word, but everyone defines it differently.

When I got an invitation to an event with a theme of “Vintage Glam”, the words that sprang to my mind immediately were antique, floral, romantic – think embroidered lace and delicate beading, flowing skirts and floral prints. However, after visiting with the other guests, I found out that their interpretations of the theme ranged from hippies/flower children to roaring 20’s flappers to Regency high society.

There are SO many variations of vintage, and they are ALL CORRECT. Anything that is not current can be defined as vintage. In this 7 part blog series, I will discuss some of the more popular eras that people pull wedding themes from and provide resources for creating your own vintage wedding.

I encourage you to steal ideas and fashions from the pages of history and make them your own!

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