What Vintage Means to You – Part V

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In the mid-1900s, the “womanly” look was back in fashion. Gone were the loose, straight dresses of the 20s, and in were longer skirts and natural waists.

In the 50s, these were replaced by the hourglass silhouette. Pencil skirts were all the rage, accessorized with short gloves and pearls.

Accessories in striking colors, including “mimosa yellow” and “apple blossom pink”, were very popular.

In 1947, Dior launched his first fashion collection. It was characterized by full skirts, large busts and tiny waists. It was such an extravagant use of fabric after the war years, but celebrities and politicians alike became instant fans. The editor of Harper’s Bazaar called it the “New Look”.

Bridesmaids could be dressed in pencil skirts and hats with netting, accessorized with short gloves and collars of pearl.

Your wedding décor should have clean lines and simple design. The grooms can wear pin strip suits and wing-tip shoes.

Think of hiring a band who can play Big Band or swing music, and hire trained swing dancers to perform, and later teach your guests.

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