What Vintage Means to You – Part VII

80s-90s-500x312 What Vintage Means to You - Part VII

The eighties! A time of big hair and really big shoulder pads.

The fabrics of the era were stretchy (think Lycra), shiny, glittery and exciting. Consider getting a shorter-length dress from www.eliesaab.com and www.inesdisanto.com, or one with major shoulder action. Your bridesmaids should be wearing dresses that look like those out of a 1980s prom – bright colors (hot pink! neon blue!) and lots of taffeta or satin, preferably with off-the-shoulder sleeves. Add ankle boots and short gloves and voila – you’ve made it!

Hair should be down and slightly teased, and makeup should be bold. Think of doing blue eyeshadow.

Your linens should be bright and bold colors in stretch Lycra fabric, and think of doing paper flowers instead of real ones, made out of neon-colored paper. Of course you would want to hire an 80s cover band to really set the mood, and to complete the look you could rent a black and white checkered dance floor.

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  1. Thank you Gabbie for this wonderful series! I enjoyed the breakdown on the different eras!

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