What Wedding Planners Want From Vendors

vendor What Wedding Planners Want From Vendors

As wedding planners, we have many requests from vendors who would like us to refer them. The unique thing about wedding planners is that our reputation not only depends on our work but also relies on the work of our vendors. At Save the Date Events, this is what we look for in the vendors we refer:

Outstanding Reputation – You have been in business for at least a two years with a lot of experience, great references and fantastic reviews.

Talent – You have to be great at what you do. Occasionally vendors have fantastic business and marketing sense but not the talent to produce a high-end product. Or vice-versa.

Business Sense – No matter how good you are as a photographer, florist or cake designer, the vendors we refer respond to our clients (and us) in a timely manner, act professionally and will answer questions quickly and efficiently. Follow-up response time and good contracts are very important.

Personality – Brides and grooms choose their planner based on previous work, awards and presentation. However, the biggest factor is personality. We know that our kindness, professionalism, warmth and genuine personalities are big selling points. We like to work with vendors who have similar personalities because they typically fit our clients the best.

Pricing – We work with brides on a variety of budgets and use vendors in every budget category. We may meet with a new, up-and-coming photographer before we meet with a high budget photographer if that is what we need on our vendor list.

Your Opinion on Planners – We love vendors who promote wedding planners and coordinators. They see the value and benefits that an experienced planner provides for brides and grooms.

I could list many other tips for vendors but these are the big ones we look for when we refer vendors to our Colorado brides.

Debbie Orwat, Colorado Wedding Planner
Save the Date Events

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  1. What a great post Debbie! I hope that all vendors take a look at this and evaluate their business and the relationships they have with other vendors. Having great business sense is going to get you further in this industry than anything.

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