Why Hire a Wedding Day Coordinator?

After hearing a funny wedding horror story today, I wanted to post some thoughts on hiring a wedding coordinator…

Aside from knowing all the details and being your eyes and ears on the wedding day, who is going to pin the correct corsage on grandma, make sure programs are handed out, cue the musicians, tell the bridesmaids when to walk, make sure the photographer knows the order of events, coordinate transportation, pack your gifts into your car, organize guests for your final farewell….I could go on and on. There are so many details to consider and as a bride, you are simply too busy to coordinate all the details on the wedding day. Some venues have an on-site coordinator which many brides assume will take on this role on the wedding day. This is simply not the case. Many venues have fabulous on-site staff but they work for the venue, not for you. Typically, their job is to:

  • make sure you and your guests are following the rules of the venue
  • keep the catering staff on schedule
  • ensure that clean up is done
  • answer any questions about the venue

On a totally unrelated note, one of my clients is quite the professional writer and is blogging a hilarious column for the Denver Post called The Slacker Bride. I think most brides can relate.