Writing Your Own Vows

While some couples cringe at the thought of writing their own wedding vows, many couples love the idea of creating a personalized ceremony for their big day. Before you start writing, here are some things to consider

  • Do your homework – Check with your officiant first! Some will allow you to write whatever you want while others have strict rules. Many churches may want to review the vows first or have you recite the traditional vows in addition to your personalized wedding vows.
  • Talk to your fiance – Are you writing your vows together or will you write them alone? Will you share them with each other before the ceremony? If you don’t want any surprises on the wedding day or are worried about what your partner will be promising, write them together.
  • Create an outline and a style – Are you writing the entire ceremony from scratch or just the actual wedding vows? Draw up an outline of the ceremony and decide on the style that fits both of you (mushy, poetic, romantic, serious, etc)
  • Start writing – If you are having writer’s block, there are plenty of books and websites that have sample ceremonies and wedding vows to help you get started
  • Review your whole ceremony with your officiant.